Screens «CLASSIC»

The final stage of repairing a bathroom or bath requires installing a bath screen. This device will help to mask the water pipes. In addition, the resulting space will be an excellent location for storing cleaning chemicals, etc. It is also important that installing a bath screen is an essential condition in a house where there are small children or pets.

There are many types of bath screens, which are differ in design and external parameters. Products with a plastic frame are in high consumer demand. The catalog of the online store "ODAProm" contains many types of such mechanisms. Especially popular are the bath screens "Classic". These are two-door models, which are made from stacked paneling. The rigidity of the structure is ensured by the aluminum connection. White glossy color of the product will be a good complement to the overall design of the bathroom.

Bath screens from the manufacturing company "ODAPRom" are a symbiosis of quality, reliability and excellent aesthetic parameter.

Screens «CLASSIC»

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