Electric heated towel rails (white)

A heated towel rail is an integral multifunctional accessory in the bathroom, which is relevant not only for drying towels, but also performs the option of heating the room. The market for sanitary products is represented by many types of these products of various designs, specifications, installation methods.

The main constructive aspect of the electric heated towel rail is the presence of a curved pipe and a heater connected to the mains. These products are often installed in the bathroom, but sometimes resort to installation in the kitchen. This mechanism is more relevant than ever when there are small children in the house.

There are electric, water and combined types of heated towel rails. The first of these is most often installed in houses with central heating, where the heat source depends on the season. For rooms with independent heating, any option will be relevant.

To date, electric heated towel rails are of high consumer interest. These products have a list of arguments for their use:

economy (these mechanisms consume a small amount of electricity. Such towel dryers quickly dry bathrobes and maintain optimal microclimate in the room);

the impossibility of leaks (unlike water heated towel rails, electrical products are not subject to corrosive processes);

many design options (electric models of heated towel rails have a very attractive appearance, they will become a stylish addition to the interior of the bathroom);

the efficiency of their work does not depend on intracommunication pressure;

short-term emergency shutdown (power outages - a temporary phenomenon);

design mobility (this mechanism, unlike a water heated towel rail, can be easily transferred to a more convenient location if necessary. To do this, simply transfer the fasteners).

In the plumbing market, there are "wet" and "dry" types of electric heated towel rails. The first of these have in their design a coolant (water, antifreeze or oil). Models with a water heater warm up to a maximum of 70° C, but they hold the declared temperature for the longest time. Antifreeze electric heated towel rails are characterized by high thermal conductivity. Models with water coolant warm up to 85° C, but cool down relatively quickly.

The traditional formotypes of electric heated towel rails are models in the form of a snake or ladder. But there are also non-standard mechanisms that will become a bright accent in your bathroom. In the online store "ODAProm" you will find many different types of electric heated towel rails.

Electric heated towel rails (white)

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