Screens «COMBI»

A modern bathroom is the home spa, where you can relax at the end of the day or cheer up in the morning. This is the place where we spend a lot of time, taking hygienic procedures, doing styling, etc. Therefore, the bathroom should please with its ergonomics and a pleasant design.

In many respects, the functionality of the bathroom depends on the correct location of numerous cleaning products, baskets, etc. A solution to the problem of clutter in the bathroom can be to install a buth screen. This device will help to hide the wiring of plumbing pipes, will become a place for storing household chemicals. Therefore, the choice of the bath screen should be approached with all responsibility.

There are many types of bath screens on the plumbing market, which differ in construction and exterior design. Products made of plastic frame enjoy high consumer demand. Online store "ODAProm" has many types of these mechanisms. One of them is the bath screens "Combi". The design of these devices has two PVC doors; for reliability, the screen frame is connected by three aluminum tubes. White matte color of the product allows you to install it in the bathroom of any design content.

The bath screens "Combi" is a combination of ergonomics and aesthetics. These products will become a functional finishing touch during the repair in the bathroom.

Screens «COMBI»

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