Cornices and curtains for the bathroom

Everyone who owns a classic bathtub can turn it into a comfortable shower corner. This is easily done with the help of curtain rods and curtains for the bathroom. They delimit shower space and prevent splashing of water.

The plumbing market offers many types of bathroom eaves. Depending on the mounting location, these products are divided into ceiling and wall models. The first of the listed cornices do not differ in high consumer demand. This is explained by the fact that the installation of such mechanisms is a rather time-consuming process. In addition, installation on the now popular tensioning structures is not possible. In addition to everything, it is quite difficult to choose the most suitable mechanism for today's trendy corner baths. Wall-mounted eaves for a bathroom with a tubular design are very popular plumbing products. This is a budget option that is easy to install. In addition, it is not difficult to choose the necessary model for a non-standard bathroom.

Tubular wall cornices are distinguished by their design. There are many types of them:

direct cornice. This model is the cheapest and easiest to install;

corner cornice. It happens oval, semicircular, П- and Г-shaped types with wall and wall-ceiling mounts;

flexible mechanism. The uniqueness of this product is that it can be used, regardless of the design features and shape of the bath. This type of cornice is subject to bending, which is a good option for installation above a bathtub of any shape and size;

cornice telescope, the design of which provides for the presence of 2 pipes connected by a special clamp.

eaves-expander, the connection of parts of which is ensured by the presence of a spring.

Manufacturers offer many options for bath rails. These can be products from polished stainless steel, thin-walled steel with a protective coating, aluminum and polymer models.

The presence of a curtain for the bath will help to avoid splashing water on furniture, clothes, floors, etc. This is a practical element with which you can also create an exquisite and unique bathroom design. Therefore, the question of choosing a specific curtain model should be given special attention.

Today, bath curtains are made of different materials. It can be polyethylene and vinyl models, silicone curtains, a composition of vinyl and polyester, polyester and teflon products.

The "ODAProm" online store offers a wide selection of moldings and curtains for bathtubs that are different in design and material. Here you will also find the necessary accessories for these plumbing products.

Cornices and curtains for the bathroom

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