Shelves and hooks for heated towel rails

Most of heated towel rails are quite versatile. Thanks to them, drying textiles is not difficult. It is also an additional source of heat, which is extremely important in conditions of high humidity in the bathroom. If desired, you can increase the functionality of the purchased towel dryer. For this, it will be enough for practical owners of bathrooms to purchase additional devices for heated towel rails. The plumbing market has a wide variety of hooks, shelves, hangers.

By placing the hooks on the heated towel rail, you can get a larger place for drying wardrobe items. Hinged and intercostal structures are especially relevant for owners of non-standard dryers. Shelves are also extremely functional accessories. They come in various modifications. Swivel models are very popular, as well as products from one or more rectangular or round shapes. Their installation is carried out by special fastening to the base of the heated towel rail. Thanks to them, you can create an additional ledge to accommodate bath items.

In the catalog of our online store "ODAProm" you can pick up a variety of stainless steel shelves and hooks. They will significantly expand the standard functionality of the heated towel rail.

Shelves and hooks for heated towel rails

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