Water heated towel rails

A heated towel rail is an important element in the bathroom, which will quickly dry the bathroom wardrobe items and heat the room. Among the many types of these mechanisms, a special attention is paid to a water heated towel rail, which is in high consumer demand.

The standard water heated towel rail is a curved pipe with hot water circulating inside. The main principle of the functionality of this mechanism is its dependence on heating. In the off-season, such heated towel rails can not perform their direct option. Choosing a similar product, you should also remember that the operation of a water heated towel rail depends on the pressure inside the communications, the development of the pipe. In addition, an important indicator is the diameter of the pipes.

When choosing a water heated towel rail should pay attention to the number of hangers. The best would be their compliance with the number of residents. The main thing is that there is sufficient distance between the hangers.

Nowadays, the plumbing market is represented by many types of water heated towel rails, which are differ in their shapes. It can be products in the form of a short flight of stairs and a zigzag, U-, M- and U-shaped models, double-circuit and other models.

The priority materials for the manufacture of water heated towel rails are stainless and black steel, as well as non-ferrous metals (aluminum, copper and brass). The first of these are characterized by their reliability and long service life. They are resistant to high pressure and corrosive processes, and also have excellent thermal conductivity. Structural strength, good heat transfer are inherent in black steel products. These products are treated with anti-corrosion coating. The disadvantage of this mechanism is its short lifetime. Brass and copper structures are distinguished by their attractiveness and resistance to corrosion processes.

The water heated towel rail is connected to the riser, because the source of their heating is water supply and heating. There are three types of connection of such mechanisms:

➢ side mount (feasible for vertically elongated models);

➢ bottom mounting (relevant for large products);

➢ diagonal fastening (applicable for large mechanisms, ladders and their varieties).

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Water heated towel rails

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