Ceiling clothes dryers

Elementary drying of clothes sometimes turns into a real test. After all, this everyday household process is not feasible in all conditions. In the atmosphere of a small apartment, and even without a balcony, you can not do without a clothes dryer, the purchase of which turns the care of wardrobe items into a commonplace.

Many types of clothes dryers of various materials, installation methods and color schemes are on sale. Particularly popular are ceiling models that can significantly save space in the room and harmoniously fit into the interior design. These products are mounted on any surface (except suspended ceilings) using anchor bolts or dowels. Their advantage, in comparison, for example, with outdoor products, is the ability not to restrict the freedom of movement in the room, and to become invisible to household members during non-working hours.

The standard design of the ceiling clothes dryer is a composition of tubes with smoothly sliding cables passing through them, clamps and fasteners. An important addition is that the metal rods are treated with an anti-corrosion coating. This design is convenient in that it has an independent suspension. This allows you to hang the laundry, lowering one rail, and not the whole product together. The length of such a clothes dryer varies from half a meter to two meters. The advantages of these sanitary products are:

➢ ease of operation (it is enough to lower the tubes thanks to the rope suspension);

➢ quick drying of wardrobe items (warm air rises up);

➢ reliability of the design (one rail is able to withstand the weight of 2.5 kg);

➢ affordable price.

There are also more complex designs. For example, elevator dryers, electric models.

An important parameter when choosing a clothes dryer is the maximum weight load. Indicators for this criterion depend on the type of product and the material of manufacture. Standard ceiling dryers are designed for a maximum load of up to 25 kg. Some electric models can support a maximum weight of 35 kg.

In our online store "ODAProm" ceiling clothes dryers of different lengths and weight categories are presented to your attention. By purchasing these products, you can be sure of high quality and long life.

Ceiling clothes dryers

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