Bath borders

Any bathroom needs protection against accumulation of water in hard-to-reach places. This is a mandatory measure of care for the bathroom in order to avoid the appearance of mold and fungi. Neglect of quality waterproofing over time will spoil the expensive and beautiful repair, and all the work will go down the drain. The use of the bath border will provide reliable protection against moisture and the occurrence of mold-hazardous processes that will be hazardous to health, and will give the room a complete repair and greater attractiveness.

The plumbing market is represented by a wide selection of various curbs for the bath, differing in the material of manufacture: tape and ceramic options, plastic and silicone models, products made of natural stone.

The tape (self-adhesive) border is a waterproof tape treated with an adhesive composition. These products come in different color options and widths, which is very convenient when creating a holistic bathroom design. Installation of such a skirting board is very simple, because it adheres perfectly to the surface and does not require special devices. For more secure mounting, the use of sealant is recommended. Dismantling such a tape is not difficult at all.

Ceramic border enjoys high consumer interest. They are distinguished by a long service life, better aesthetic appearance and higher price. It is worth noting that these products are quite difficult to install because of their fragility.

The most expensive and reliable is a border made of natural stone. Granite, marble or travertine products are distinguished by their elegance and nobility. To create integrity in the design of the bathroom, it is better to combine several elements from this material.

Silicone border - the cheapest and easiest to install option. But at the same time, such a skirting board does not have a long service life.

Plastic options are very common and are considered universal models. Such products have a wide assortment of different colors, textures and sizes. Due to the properties of the material from which they are made, their service life is estimated for years, and replacement will not be a big problem.

"ODAProm" online store offers different options for bath borders. The plinth tape will reliably protect your bath from the accumulation of unwanted moisture in hard-to-reach places and, as a result, from the appearance of mold and fungi.

Bath borders

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