Accessories for bath screens

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The space under the bathroom in a small bathroom is often used to store the necessary household chemicals, cleaning products, etc. Using the screen under the bath will help to hide all the auxiliary parts, as well as the existing siphons, pipes and legs of the bathroom. In addition, this mechanism will be an excellent design addition to the room.

When you are buying a screen for a bath, you should pay attention to many parameters. One of them is high-quality components, on which the duration of uninterrupted operation of the entire structure directly depends. Accessories must be made of anti-corrosion material. Galvanized elements are able to maintain their qualities in high humidity.

The accessories for bath screens most often include panels and an installation kit, namely a set of handles, bolts and threaded legs. The last of these components greatly facilitate the installation process of the entire structure, because with their help you can adjust the height of the screen.

In our online store "ODAProm" you can get accessories for bath screens. The quality and price of these devices will pleasantly surprise you.

Accessories for bath screens

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