Faucets of "EURO" class

Most of buyers, when they are purchasing a faucet for a kitchen or a bathroom, first of all pay attention to the functional potential of a sanitary product, assigning secondary importance to the design of the selected model. Of course, simplicity of design and external uniformity will always be in demand. But, if you are creating an atypical author’s interior in the bathroom, it would be more appropriate to resort to buying designer faucets. After all, this mechanism is one of the most noticeable devices in the bathroom. Therefore, the choice of the mixer must be approached as responsibly as possible, so that it pleases with its practicality and appearance.

There are many types of Euro-class faucets. First of all, they differ in their purpose. These are product groups such as faucets for washing, bathtub, toilet bowl and other plumbing products.

Faucets for the premium kitchen segment will appeal to those who want to purchase not just a functional mechanism, but also a bright decoration. Thanks to their ergonomic design, they will delight with the symbiosis of sophistication and minimalism, and the clarity of geometric shapes will greatly facilitate the care of them.

Bathroom faucets are represented by a variety of products (valves, waterfall showers, shower racks, various sets and other mechanisms). These products are characterized by high mechanical strength, resistance to corrosion processes, large temperature extremes and hydraulic shocks. In addition, these products are not subject to oxidation. The chrome coating of such mixers will be appropriate for any interior, and the absence of unnecessary details, the smoothness of lines and bends emphasize the ergonomics and sophistication of the design.

Separately, it is worth highlighting thermostatic faucets. This subspecies, despite the higher price compared to the popular models, has an additional function - they maintain a given temperature of the water, which can be adjusted on the temperature regulator installed in the faucet design. Thereby of this, you do not run the risk of getting burned with hot water or getting under a contrast shower.

Faucets of the "Euro" class, presented in the catalog of the "ODAProm" online store, are mechanisms manufactured according to European technologies. Thereby to their functional qualities and beautiful design, they will decorate your bathroom and will last for many years.

Faucets of "EURO" class

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