Combined heated towel rails

The selection of components for the bathroom is a responsible and difficult process. The uptime is directly dependent on the quality of these products. In addition, the design of these components of the bathroom is also important. A high-quality heated towel rail will delight with its multifunctionality and pleasant external parameters.

Among the many types of heated towel rails, combined models deserve special attention. This mechanism combines the advantages of a water and electric product and is adapted for simultaneous connection to the mains and water heating. Such a model of heated towel rails significantly saves the budget, because in winter the operation is ensured thanks to the connection with heating communications, and in the off-season it is enough to connect such a mechanism to the mains.

In order to choose a high-quality combined heated towel rail, you should pay attention to such parameters:

➢ power of the heating element (products with a power of 1000 W are preferred);

➢ the best manufacturing material is stainless steel. A distinctive feature of such products is resistance to corrosion processes and moisture);

➢ the dimensions of the nuts must clearly match the fittings of the water supply pipes;

➢ taking into account the shape and size, as well as the design of the product, to create unity in the interior design of the bathroom.

When you are installing a combined heated towel rail, it is important to consider its "water" characteristics:

➢ the highest possible pressure in the system. If you connect this kind of product in a house with old utilities, you need to be prepared for constant changes in water supply. Under conditions of an unstable system, optimal mechanisms will be able to withstand a pressure of at least 10 atmospheres. In addition, such a heated towel rail should be equipped with shut-off valves;

➢ dimensions of hot water pipes. Pipe mismatch will not guarantee a secure connection. In addition to everything, this nuance affects the appearance of the product;

➢ connecting points must be correctly positioned;

➢ optimal pressure - at least 5 atmospheres;

➢ the best material for manufacturing is stainless steel, resistant to corrosion and deformation. In addition, this material is characterized by a long service life.

Such "electrical" indicators of a high-quality combined heated towel rail are distinguished:

➢ optimal PETN power inside the structure is 1000 - 2000 W.;

➢ serpentine or straight form of the product.

The "ODAProm" online store offers a wide selection of combination heated towel rails. These products will delight you with their functional and design parameters.

Combined heated towel rails

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