Heated towel rails

When you are equipping a bathroom, it is important to consider not only design preferences, but also the functional content of the room. Each detail should carry the most productive option and at the same time please with its aesthetics. One of the essential components in the functioning of the bathroom is a heated towel rail, the value of which is difficult to overestimate. This detail of the interior is a kind of microclimate regulator in the home spa. The functionality of the heated towel rail is not limited to the banal drying of bath accessories. It also heats the space, which is especially true for a living room without a radiator in the bathroom.

The presence of a heated towel rail in the bathroom has several advantages:

➢ maintaining a stable warm microclimate in the room;

➢ warm towels;

➢ design accent in the room;

➢ the ability to quickly dry clothes.

The plumbing market offers many options for towel warmers. The main indicator for the characteristic of this part is the heat source, which ensures the functioning of the structure (water heating or electricity). Depending on this parameter, electric and water models of heated towel rails are distinguished.

The water heated towel rail is completely dependent on the availability of hot water in your home. This is both its advantage and disadvantage. If there is a shutdown of hot water, then drying on it will not work. On the other hand, when drying things on it there is no additional expense. An alternative to a heated towel rail is electric. It is powered by the mains, quickly heats up and cools, is easy to use and will help dry things at any time. Also, in some models there is a temperature regulator that will allow you to more accurately adjust the required temperature. The trade-off between these types of towel warmers is the combined option. It combines the advantages of both types of products.

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Heated towel rails

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