Curtains for the bathroom

Curtains are essential items in the bathroom. Such elements are not only beautiful, but also functional. With their help, water is not sprayed outside the bathing area, and steam does not spread throughout the room, which helps to maintain the humidity level in the room at an acceptable level.

In the market of sanitary products, there are many types of curtains for the bathroom. It can be soft designs (for example, curtains made of fabric, polyethylene or vinyl), as well as rigid models. The last of these are very popular due to the reliability of the mechanism and external attractiveness. Such curtains for the bathroom are made of glass and polystyrene. Plastic products are especially popular.

Polystyrene curtains are an excellent option in case it is necessary to update the bathroom without significant financial costs. This is a more affordable mechanism compared to glass products, but no less reliable and elegant. The material of the mechanism allows you to choose a model for any interior. In addition, due to the tinting of the product, it is possible to clean less often stains of water after the adoption of hygienic procedures.

Features of polystyrene are such characteristics:

➢ the small thickness of the material (2-3 mm) guarantees the ease of construction, which ensures ease of delivery and installation;

➢ tightness. Such products reliably protect the room from water splashing during the adoption of hygiene procedures;

➢ safety and structural strength. High-quality polystyrene is a fairly strong material that can withstand active use and significant loads;

➢ water resistant;

➢ wear resistance and resistance to deformation (proper and timely care will guarantee long-term preservation of the original appearance of the product);

➢ polystyrene curtains for the bathroom are notable for their low cost. Thanks to this, you can create a neat modern bathroom interior at no extra cost.

When you are choosing a polystyrene curtain for the bathroom, you should pay attention to the dimensions of the structure, the exit side, as well as the sash opening system.

In our online store "ODAProm" there are many types of polystyrene curtains. For your bathroom, such a product will be a good design element with excellent performance.

Curtains for the bathroom

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