Screens «ELITE»

Many people install a bath screens when they fill a bathrooms with essential components. These mechanisms allow you to hide the plumbing, the external unattractive side of the bath. In addition, resorting to the installation of these products, you can protect small children or pets from unforeseen situations. It is also important that installing of bath screen will solve the constant problem of piling up in the bathroom numerous bottles with household chemicals, necessary parts for cleaning, etc.

Among the many different types of bath screens, aluminum frame products deserve special attention. The bath screens "Elite" from TM "ODAProm" is the embodiment of quality and elegance. The classic white color of the product allows you to install the mechanism in the bathroom of any design. The design of the screen provides two sliding panels made of PVC with chrome handles, as well as the presence of adjustable stems, which greatly simplifies installation.

The bath screen "Elite" from the manufacturing company "ODAProm" is the best solution for your bathroom.

Screens «ELITE»

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