The most important part of a bathroom or kitchen is the faucet. Without this device, it is difficult to imagine a modern apartment or house. Manufacturers offer many options for these plumbing products. The main criterion for their selection is the scope.

1. Kitchen sink faucets. Their feature is the presence of a high crane (spout). Single and double lever mixers exist. Products with a retractable watering can are quite popular, which is a very practical option.

2. Washbasin faucets. Their mechanism differs in the way of installation: installation in the wall and directly on the sink. These plumbing products for the most part have a single lever design. Recently, more and more popular are touch washbasin faucets.

3. Faucets for shower and bath. The design of this mechanism provides for the combined use of a shower head and faucet. Important indicators when selecting this type of mixer is the length of the spout.

4. Bidet mixers. Their distinctive features are their small size, the presence of a rotary aerator and a temperature regulator.

The most common models for bathroom and kitchen are ball and valve faucets. The former are widely known and popular due to their simplicity, reliability and ease of repair. If such a faucet starts to leak, then, as a rule, the problem is easily solved by changing the seal. Valve faucets are inferior to them in the simplicity and cheapness of repair, but at the same time they are distinguished by their beauty and ease of use. With just one move of your hand, you can change the temperature and adjust the force of the water pressure.

When you are choosing a faucet, it is important to pay attention to the materials from which it is made. It can be stainless steel products, brass models, silumin mixers and others. An important indicator for choosing a quality faucet is the product coating material (enamel, chrome).

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