Heating elements for towel rails

Tubular electric heater is a device that serves to heat a heated towel rail. The design of this device provides for the presence of a metal shell located inside one or more insulated spirals. Under the influence of electricity, the spiral and the shell are heated. Therefore, the heat-conducting properties of materials are paramount.

The productivity of heating elements for towel rails directly depends on such indicators:

➢ thermal conductivity of the wire. The heating element, located in a metal structure, has a very high melting point. The productivity of the electric heater directly depends on this parameter;

➢ heating of the wire occurs due to the fact that current flows through it. Heat transfer is ensured thanks to the dielectric material or liquid located inside;

➢ the presence of a temperature regulator and a fuse will protect the mechanism from overheating and mechanical deformation.

Installation of a tubular electric heater for a heated towel rail is a rather complicated process. There are such requirements for installing these mechanisms:

➢ the design of the heated towel rail should have a water supply valve with central heating and a Mayevsky tap;

➢ shut off water supply from central heating;

➢ setting heating element for towel rails;

➢ open the Mayevsky tap (this is a mandatory measure for air outlet) and the valve on central heating. In this case, it is necessary to monitor the water: its leakage from the Mayevsky tap indicates that the heated towel rail is full and all the air has come out;

➢ close the central heating valve. Next, the heater is turned on at full power;

➢ the presence of an earth wire is a prerequisite.

"ODAProm" online store offers a wide selection of heating elements for heated towel rails. These mechanisms are highly reliable, they are able to work at normal and high pressure. In the design of some tenes there is a thermostat.

Heating elements for towel rails

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