Bathroom accessories

The bathroom is one of the favorite places of every person where the morning begins or the next productive day ends. Therefore, this small spa should delight with its design inspiration and practicality. Properly selected and positioned bath accessories largely determine the comfort of taking water procedures.

The plumbing market pleases with a pleasant variety of bath accessories. These are holders for solid and liquid soap, hangers, glasses for toothbrushes, various shelves and many other products. Thanks to them, you can arrange various household chemicals, towels and cosmetics in convenient places.

By type of placement, bathroom accessories are distributed on:

➢ wall mounted models. These products are attached to the wall with a set of bolts, suction cups, glue (hooks, holders for towels, toilet paper, soap, cups);

➢ desktop parts (not intended for fixing elements of the bathroom: dispensers, cups, etc.);

➢ floor accessories (towel and paper holders, brushes, etc.).

Bathroom accessories are made from different materials. It can be ceramic and plastic products, metal and glass parts. Wooden accessories bring a special touch to the design filling of the bathroom.

Mandatory components in creating comfort in the bathroom is the presence of such accessories:

➢ shelves. In the plumbing market, single and multi-tiered models are presented. Most often these are glass options with metal holders;

➢ hooks. The main requirement for their installation is the reliability of installation;

➢ glasses with a stand guarantee the stability of the structure;

➢ soap dishes;

➢ paper holders (open and closed models);

➢toilet brush.

Various bathroom accessories and accessories which are presented in the "ODAProm" online store catalog will help you to make your bathroom more comfortable. Here you can buy all the necessary little things for the bathroom, which will please with their practical functionality, decorate and complement the interior.

Bathroom accessories

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