Curtains for bathtubs, showers, partitions

Spraying water can turn a bath or shower into a real test. Drops fly off to nearby furniture, floors, walls, clothes ... This adds to the hassle, because you need to remove this additional source of moisture from the floor covering, etc. The curtains for a bathtub, shower corner or partition will help get rid of this unpleasant trifle. In addition, if there is a need to change the appearance of the bathroom, then you should pay attention to these products. With the help of these simple designs, you can redevelop or zoning your bathroom or simply update some of its elements.

The plumbing market is rich in a wide selection of curtains of a variety of design and color options. These are glass models, curtains made of soft materials (for example, from a fabric impregnated with a waterproofing composition, or from a thick PVC film), polystyrene curtains. The latter enjoy high consumer interest. Manufacturers offer many options for such bath curtains, distinguished by their design and mechanism:

➢ fixed structure (most often used for small-sized premises with a minimalist design solution);

➢ "harmonic" (provides for the presence of several shutters, which, after hours, are folded by the "jew's-harp". It can be used hinged fasteners to connect the shutters to each other. This mechanism is applicable both to standard rectangular bathtubs and to radius products);

➢sliding polystyrene curtains (the most popular because of ease of use and the ability to significantly save space. This device is applicable for bathtubs of various sizes and shapes);

➢ swing options (relevant in spacious rooms).

Polystyrene bath curtains are distinguished by their strength, safety (able to withstand significant mechanical loads). These products are quite easy to install. They have proven themselves in the process of operation due to the ability to repel water sprays due to the additional protective coating. All of the above advantages of polystyrene curtains for the bathroom, shower enclosures and partitions make them an ideal option for the bathroom. In the "ODAProm" online store, you can easily find not only the necessary curtains and corners, but also all the necessary components for them.

Curtains for bathtubs, showers, partitions

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