Toilet seats

It is impossible to imagine a modern toilet without a lid. This, at first glance, an accompanying element ensures the comfortable use of the bathroom. The seat significantly increases the level of comfort during use and serves to maintain cleanliness in the toilet room.

The market for sanitary products is represented by different types of toilet lids. It can be both universal models (classic oval shape), and exclusive products of non-standard design. In addition, these plumbing products are classified depending on the specific consumer:

➢ standard models (used for adults without special needs);

➢ special options (for example, folding models suitable for travel);

➢ children's products (differ in their small size; there are also folding mechanisms for ease of use on the road).

When choosing a toilet seat, attention should be paid to its size, shape, color, materials of manufacture, rigidity, the method of attachment to the toilet and the presence of additional functions.

1. The first of these criteria is the main indicator. The product must correspond to the size of the toilet bowl or slightly exceed them.

2. The plumbing market is rich in a wide selection of custom-made toilet lids. It can be mechanisms reminiscent of musical instruments, various animals in shape, and so on. One should focus not only on unusual design decisions, but also on the degree of comfort during their operation.

3. The material of the toilet seat is one of the main parameters that you should pay attention to. In accordance with this criterion, the products are divided into plastic and duroplast models, mechanisms made of PVC, wood and other materials.

4. The level of rigidity of a toilet seat depends on the material from which it is made. For example, the combination of plastic with foam ensures increased comfort. Minus of these products - they quickly become unusable.

5. The method of fastening the lid directly depends on the shape of the toilet bowl and its shelf (integral or surface mechanism).

6. In the plumbing market, there are many toilet lids equipped with additional functions (micro-lift, heating, and others). A micro-lift (or a soft-close mechanism, an easy descent system) is a very common option. It will significantly slow down the lowering of the lid, eliminate unpleasant loud sound and protect against mechanical damage.

It is important to choose a seat that fits the toilet in all respects. In the "ODAProm" online store you can buy the best toilet seats.

Toilet seats

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