Cranes for heated towel rails

Towel dryer is undoubtedly an important element in the bathroom. The coherent operation of this mechanism depends on many factors. One of them is the installation of quality cranes for heated towel rails. These parts regulate the flow of the heat carrier, which ensures the functioning of the entire product and is an extremely important option in conditions of constant pressure changes in the pipes.

There are ball valves and Mayevsky cranes for heated towel rails on the sanitary market. These products are distinguished by their design and principle of operation.

The structure of the ball valve for heated towel rails involves the presence of a latch with an opening through which the heat exchange source circulates. Most often, the installation of the towel dryer is due to the installation of two ball devices, which, in case of emergency, can completely block the flow of water. The third ball valve is installed in the backup path (bypass). When installing a towel dryer in the heating system, preference should be given to copper and brass taps covered with a protective metal layer. This guarantees the ability to withstand high temperature (up to 1500° C) and high pressure (1.6 MPa).

The Maevsky tap is a mechanism that is suitable for the lower connection of the towel rail. This product is suitable as a manual drainage system. The construction of this crane requires two compulsory components: the housing and the conical screw. In addition, this product has a right-hand thread, which greatly facilitates work.

Cranes for heated towel rails differ in their external parameters. These can be angular and straight models. The first of these have two taps, a geometric gasket and a mount for the adapter. Most often these products are made of brass with a chrome plated finish. It is important that if necessary, the towel rail should be dismantled without shutting down the heating system. The straight faucets are made of brass with a chrome plated finish. Its design includes a mount for the adapter, two taps with a geometric gasket. Installation of the product is possible due to the presence of adapters. The valve mechanism is most common.

"ODAProm" online store offers many taps for heated towel rails. These products will shut off the water supply as necessary and adjust its flow to adjust the desired temperature.

Cranes for heated towel rails

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