Hydrobox rollers

Rollers and castors are the most important components that ensure the full-fledged functioning of modern showers and hydromassage boxes. Their main function is the distribution of leaf weight, as well as smooth gliding. Therefore, the failure of these parts will lead to malfunction of all cab doors. Unfortunately, these products are very prone to breakage. This is facilitated by the presence of salts in the water, which are later deposited on the rollers, as well as a gradual decrease and, subsequently, the complete disappearance of bearing grease. And, of course, like any mechanism, rollers have a certain number of cycles for opening and closing doors.

One of the criteria for characterizing rollers for hydroboxes is their material of manufacture. According to this parameter, these plumbing products are divided into plastic and metal models.

When you are choosing rollers for hydroboxes, their principle of fastening should be taken into account. In accordance with this parameter, the following types of components are distinguished:

➢ eccentric products. Their distinguishing feature is the presence of a displaced center;

➢ accessories with a button. Carrying out installation work, first fix the upper pair of rollers thanks to the screw. The lower pair of rollers has a push button with a spring mechanism;

➢ products without additional designs. With the help of nuts and bolts, these fittings are fixed in places where the sash frame is installed.

In addition, it is also necessary to take into account such characteristics of rollers for hydroboxes:

➢ number of wheels. The market of sanitary products offers single- and two-wheeled models;

➢ axis characteristics (movable or fixed). This factor determines the smoothness of the slip;

➢ wheel diameter. Products with inappropriate sizes will lead to malfunctioning of the hydromassage box;

➢ glass thickness. If this requirement is not observed, chips may form on the glass.

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Hydrobox rollers

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