Accessories for bath curtains and shower corner

Curtains in the bathroom is a much needed fixture. With their help, you can prevent water splashing during the adoption of water procedures. In addition, this mechanism will be a good design addition to the room.

The plumbing market is full of a wide variety of bathroom curtains. Particularly popular are polystyrene sliding structures. There are ready-made mechanisms. If necessary, you can mount the desired design yourself. In our online store "ODAProm" you will find all the necessary accessories for this. Here you will find polystyrene glass, hinged brackets, additional and installation profiles.

Polystyrene glass deserves special attention. Recently, this material has gained great popularity among buyers. This is due to the fact that it is peculiar to him:

➢ high strength (compared to ordinary glass);

➢ safety during operation (unlike glass, polystyrene breaks into pieces without sharp edges);

➢ sound absorption (this material does not rattle in grooves);

➢ ease of maintenance (for cleaning this surface it's enough a warm water and a soft wiper).

Accessories for bath curtains and shower corner

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