Semicircular shower corners

The installation of a shower sliding cabin, as practice shows, is a rather practical solution. Such plumbing products have proven themselves to be functional acquisitions in a small bathroom, where every square of space counts. This device is characterized as a practical mechanism with excellent design parameters. Therefore, this product will be a profitable acquisition in every sense.

Sliding shower enclosures have many configurations that differ in their material of manufacture, product shapes, depth of the pallet, etc. One of the main parameters that you should pay attention to when choosing this sanitary ware is the depth of the pallet. According to this criterion, shower sliding corners are divided into models with flat (about 3-4 cm) and deep pallets (40-45 cm), as well as products without a pallet. The last of the listed options is inconvenient for installation in a city apartment, because it requires drainage of water, the presence of a raised floor and a laid drain channel.

It is equally important to pay attention to the shape of the corner cabin. Products have the following varieties:

➢ rectangular options. These mechanisms are designed for a spacious bathroom, as they differ in impressive dimensions;

➢ semicircular models. These products are installed in the corner of the room, thereby significantly saving space. The most compact are the sizes 70x70 cm - 80x80 cm;

➢ asymmetric products. They have an elongated space on one side, which adds convenience during the adoption of hygiene procedures.

In the "ODAProm" online store a wide selection of shower semicircular corners is presented to your attention. These products are made of white painted aluminum profile. High-impact polystyrene, which is characterized by excellent operational parameters, is used as a facade. Sliding stained-glass windows made of this material do not let water through, and are also not whimsical to care for. Instead of the rollers, the “slide” sliding system is used, thanks to which the corner design is more durable and is characterized by the noiseless opening and closing of doors.

A shower semicircular corners by company "ODAProm" are a combination of excellent quality and reasonable price.

Semicircular shower corners

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