Accessories of the "EURO" class

А bathroom is a special place in every home. Here we not only carry out hygiene procedures. it is also a recreation area. The next productive day begins in the bathroom. Therefore, all components of the bathroom are of great importance to ensure ergonomics and functionality of this room.

Non-standard design solutions can change the bathroom beyond recognition. This will help high-quality plumbing fixtures. Bathroom accessories are given special importance, because success lies in the details. The plumbing market offers many types of these products. One of the criteria for their classification is the scope. It can be hygiene containers and shelves, hooks, towel racks and ruffs for the bathroom. In addition, their material of manufacture is important: plastic and ceramic models, glass and metal options, brass and other products. Brass accessories covered with a chrome layer deserve special attention. Their glossy surface looks elegant and spectacular; these fixtures are suitable for any modern bathroom.

Chrome-plated brass has a number of advantages: pathogenic bacteria and fungi cannot multiply on such material, it is not affected by limescale, corrosive processes as a result of moisture, and also has increased resistance to mechanical stress. These characteristics of chrome-plated brass bathroom accessories contribute to high consumer interest. These products occupy the largest share in the plumbing market.

If you buy purchasing accessories of the "Euro" class in the "ODAProm" online store, you get quality products that will decorate the bathroom. They will improve the bathroom to the smallest detail and harmoniously complement the created interior.

Accessories of the "EURO" class

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