Cornices for curtains for the bathroom

A comfortable and cozy bathroom is one of the most important places in the house. Here we spend a lot of time, taking hygienic procedures, doing styling, etc. Therefore, the proper organization of space in the bathroom is of great importance.

One of the necessary elements in the bathroom is a curtain rod for curtains. Together with the curtain, it protects against splashing water, fills the room with aesthetics and compactness.

In the market of sanitary products many types of eaves for a bathroom are presented:

➢ corner option. It has several modifications, but the most popular is the L-shaped model. This product will be an acceptable option for owners of rectangular corner bathtubs. Installation of such a model provides for mounting brackets to the wall;

➢ oval cornice is relevant for a bathroom with a bath located in the middle;

➢ direct product is ideal for a small room. This is an ordinary rod attached to the wall using brackets;

➢ semicircular cornice along with a curtain will create a shower cabin effect.

Recently, telescopic cornices have become quite popular (the length of the product is subject to change due to the design of the "pipe in pipe"), spring mechanisms.

An equally important criterion when choosing a curtain rod for a bathroom is the material of manufacture. Indeed, operational characteristics and service life directly depend on this. Plastic products are the most budget options. More expensive and high quality are metal models. Most often they are made of polished stainless steel, thin-walled steel with painting and aluminum. The last of the listed are relevant if it is necessary to modify the shape of the cornice. Processing of the product protects against corrosion and mold.

In our online store "ODAProm" a wide assortment range of eaves for a bathroom is presented. They are made of painted stainless steel, equipped with all the necessary elements for wall mounting and have a long service life. Eaves of our brand are easy to install, which makes it easy to install the product in the bathroom.

Cornices for curtains for the bathroom

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