Screens «LUX»

A bath screen is an extremely important mechanism in the bathroom. Giving the room a pleasant appearance is its main option. If you use this device, you can hide the drain communications, with maintaining the possibility of their repair or replacement or with maintaining the design of the screen. In addition, thanks to the installation of this device, an additional location appears for the storage of household chemicals, cleaning products, etc.

Among the many bath screens, models with a plastic frame deserve special attention. This design is characterized by a combination of lightness and reliability during operation. Bath screens "Lux", which are presented in the catalog of the online store "ODAProm", embody these qualities. These products have two PVC doors, which is very convenient for storing things and emergency access to communications. For reliability, the screen frame is connected by three aluminum tubes. It is also important that the sides of the product remain open, which contributes to easy access to plumbing parts.

The screen for a bathroom "Lux" from the manufacturing company "ODAProm" will become a functional and practical decoration of your bathroom.

Screens «LUX»

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