Siphons and outlets (chrome plated)

Siphons and outlets are one of the most important elements of a plumbing device. This is an intermediate component of domestic water utilities. With their help, wastewater is drained without penetration of sewage odors into the bathroom or kitchen. The siphon works on the principle of a hydraulic shutter - thanks to the bends of the pipe channels are created that are filled with water. This avoids the penetration of unpleasant odors into the room.

There are various types of siphons: pipe and bottle, corrugated and dry-trap siphons. The most common is bottle siphon. It is easy to operate, durable and easy to clean in case of clogging. A characteristic feature of these siphons is the presence of a flask for water, which acts as a water seal. They are most often used when installing a bathtub, washbasin or sink.

No less popular is the pipe siphon. The design of this sanitary ware resembles a curved U- or S-shaped pipe, due to which a small amount of water acts as a shutter constantly in the bend. This type of siphon has a folding / non-folding mechanism, metal or plastic case.

Corrugated siphon models are made of plastic, they are the cheapest and are easily replaced in case of malfunctions. Dry shutters are less popular among consumers because of their high price.

The market for sanitary products is represented by many types of siphons of different materials and designs. Chrome siphons are at the peak of consumer popularity. They are distinguished by a high level of strength, reliability of the mechanism and resistance to damage. A characteristic feature of this type of siphon is its resistance to corrosive processes and high temperatures. When purchasing this product, special attention should be paid to the external coating, on which the duration and quality of operation directly depend.

Siphons can be sold complete with outlets that serve to fill sinks and bathtubs with water. The key point when buying an issue is its diameter and material of manufacture. Regardless of their design, siphons and outlets must be made of high quality materials, have high wear resistance and ergonomics. It is these characteristics that chrome and brass products possess. You can find them in the product catalog of the online store and place an order immediately.

Siphons and outlets (chrome plated)

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