A screen is an important detail for arranging a bathroom. Thanks to him, you can hide all the parts piling up the space: the outer side of the bath, plumbing communications. This device will bring individuality and accuracy to the interior of the bathroom. In addition, thanks to the installation of a bath screen, you can hide household chemicals and useful little things.

When you choose a bath screen, you should pay attention to many parameters. One of them is the material of the frame structure. Products with an aluminum frame from the manufacturing company "ODAProm" is a symbiosis of excellent quality and appearance. Particularly noteworthy are the "Universal" bath screens. These products are presented in front and end versions. This mechanism has a duralumin frame, due to which the model is reliable during operation. Three PVC doors make it easy to get to the necessary plumbing communications. A variety of color options of the bath screen "Universal" allow you to choose the most suitable product for the overall design of the bathroom.

The bath screen "Universal" from the manufacturer "ODAProm" is the best solution for the repair and decoration of the bathroom.


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