Bath curtains 3D

There are many groups of products on the market of sanitary products, the use of which ensures practicality and convenience in the bathroom, kitchen, etc. One of these devices is a curtain for the bathroom. With its help, you can create maximum comfort and unique design in the room, because they perform such functions:

➢ zoning option (thanks to them you can divide the space. This is especially true in the conditions of a combined bathroom);

➢ protective function (prevention of water splashing);

➢ decorative function (a variety of prints on the curtains will create the desired mood in the room).

There are many types of curtains for the bathroom. Vinyl products are especially popular. A distinctive feature of such products is 100% impermeability. Vinyl curtains are resistant to water and fungi.

Vinyl curtains for the bathroom come in different types. These are models from:

➢ EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate). This material is similar to polyethylene, but more elastic and transparent. It has a matte and glossy variety. The weight is much lighter than PVC products;

➢ PVC (polyvinyl chloride). Distinctive characteristics of such models are transparency, elasticity, glossy gloss;

➢ PEVA products (polyethylene vinyl acetate). Such products are distinguished by their strength and elasticity, they are pleasant to the touch and quickly dry.

In addition to the distinctive composition of vinyl blinds, their level of strength is also important. EVA models are characterized by the highest rate of strength.

Vinyl curtains are quite unpretentious in leaving. They are easily washed with soapy water. If it's necessary, they can be washed, but the following requirements are mandatory:

➢ hand wash;

➢ temperature should not exceed 40º С;

➢ wash without spin (the curtains will straighten under their own weight);

➢ these models are not ironable.

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Bath curtains 3D

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