Fastening for toilet bowl

The tank is an integral functional part of the toilet bowl, the purpose of which is to provide an intensive flow of water for flushing. There are many configurations of this plumbing device. They are classified depending on the material of manufacture (ceramic and earthenware options, porcelain and metal cans, glass and other varieties), location (external and hidden products), type of locking device (piston and membrane), sizes, etc.

One of the important characteristics for toilet bowl tanks is their mounting method. To date, the most popular are compact tanks. These plumbing products are quite easy to install. When installing these mechanisms, sets of hardware for fasteners are used, the choice of which should be given special attention, because the uninterrupted operation of the plumbing device as a whole directly depends on their quality and proper installation.

Hardware for fastening the toilet bowl is a set of bolts (metal, plastic) and gaskets. These parts are tightly screwed down with nuts.

Attaching the tank to the toilet bowl may be necessary in two cases: if you didn’t have a fastener when buying the drain tank separately or the toilet bowl as a whole, or the part rusted and broke during operation. In our online store "ODAProm" you can get a steel fastener or more durable — brass models. These products guarantee the smooth operation of the bathroom for many years.

Fastening for toilet bowl

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