Accessories for showers and hydroboxes

The shower cabin and hydrobox has many structural elements, without the high-quality functioning of which the whole mechanism does not fulfill its direct option. The long-term operation of the product directly depends on the coordinated work of fasteners, rollers and other component parts. With prolonged and regular use of showers and hydroboxes, as a result of exposure to salts dissolved in water, household chemicals and mechanical stresses, some of the parts may become unusable. This is due to the fact that when creating each part of the mechanism, a certain margin of safety is laid in it. When this stock is exhausted, repairs are not profitable or impossible. The only way out in this case is a complete replacement of the damaged part.

Castors for shower cabins - a fitting mechanism with plastic, rubber or metal elements of different types of configurations. The main functional load of the product (rolling or sliding) is performed by a ceramic, bronze or stainless ball bearing. The body of the part can be made in an eccentric (single / double) or tension version (single / two-wheeled, lower / upper). The way of fixing the rollers depends on the shape of the door panel: conventional fastening is used in direct models, parts with a rotary mechanism are used when installing a radiused shower.

When choosing a mounting installation mechanism for a shower cabin or a hydrobox, you should pay attention to the following parameters:

➢ diameter of the roller wheel (permissible difference with the original product is indicators not more than 2-3 mm. Too large roller wheels will prevent free movement, and excessively small wheels will cause loosening of the structure);

➢ the size of the openings in the door leaves (a prerequisite is compliance with the diameters of the openings in the door (permissible differences are 2-3 mm in the smaller direction);

➢ roller extension length. This indicator is important to consider if you are the owner of a semicircular shower.

High-quality casters for showers are equipped with moisture-proof bearings, as well as wear-resistant cast and shockproof housing.

Timely care of a shower cabin or hydrobox is extremely important for their full functioning. For this it is necessary to replace parts subject to wear. You can buy all installation mobile mechanisms for shower cabins and hydroboxes in "ODAProm" online store. Here you can easily find the necessary roller or wheel and you can restore the coordinated work of the doors of the hydrobox or shower.

Accessories for showers and hydroboxes

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