Shower partitions

In the conditions of a combined bathroom with a bathtub, when there is a need to zone the space, many resort to installing a shower partition. It will help to separate the area for washing, rest and relaxation. Thanks to it, you can solve the problem of local separation of the room: to separate the toilet from the washbasin or bidet from the bath. If necessary, you can also create a shower cabin yourself by installing a partition on a pallet or tile structure.

Polystyrene has several advantages, its distinctive features are the following characteristics:

➢ translucency (due to this, such partitions do not burden the interior, which is important when creating a bathroom design);

➢ water resistance;

➢ ease of maintenance (it is enough to periodically wipe the partition, wash it with non-aggressive chemicals);

➢ high strength;

➢ safe operation (even if the integrity of the partition is violated, unlike a glass product, it is impossible to injure itself with fragments).

Installation of a shower partition is not difficult. Using the installation profile, you can quickly attach it to the wall in a convenient place. In order to increase the structural strength, an angular bracket is provided complete with the partition, due to which the upper part of the partition is attached to the wall.

In our online store "ODAProm" you will find shower partitions of different sizes. Thanks to them, it is possible to zone the space in the bathroom without any problems.

Shower partitions

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